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The all-in-one production monitoring and OEE solution
– adapts to your needs today
– meets your ambitions tomorrow

Overall equipment effectiveness / Production monitoring & reporting / Close-to-production decision support
Performance visualization / Workforce communications / Process trends & analysis
Effective maintenance / Lean manufacturing / Continuous improvement

Without measuring, you can only be sure where 10-50% of your production time is going – the rest is guesswork!
PlantPerformance gives you a 100% view of your production.
Flexible and scalable. PlantPerformance is ideally suited to large and small companies in process and manufacturing industries with asset intensive operations.
With PlantPerformance your entire team benefits from manufacturing intelligence and actionable insights – so EVERYONE can contribute to achieving production goals.
PlantPerformance gives you all the tools and functionality you need to increase your overall equipment efficiency and drive continuous improvement.



User-friendly and intuitive tools that support your entire production team. Quickly and easily visualize your production, improve overall equipment efficiency and start generating actionable insights immediately.


Easily adapted to processes and automation levels. Connects simply to your machine park and integrates seamlessly with existing production and business systems, e.g. MES, PIMS, BI, ERP, EAM, CMMS, etc.


Fully scalable and flexible solution that grows with you as your demands increase. Easily scales up from single machine; to small stand-alone production unit; to multi-site global operations.

Powerful Insights

IoT platform generating real-time data provides a single information ‘truth’ – shared by all. Best-in-class production visualization and reporting enables you to quickly identify real improvements.

PlantPerformance is much more than a powerful OEE software. It is a complete solution for maximizing your production efficiency. In addition to real-time production monitoring and reporting, you gain comprehensive production intelligence and data-driven decision support for your entire production team.

PlantPerformance is the most adaptable and user-friendly OEE solution on the market. That comes from 20+ years of development in close collaboration with customers. Plus, PlantVision’s wider expertise in delivering integrated SMART Manufacturing solutions to many of Scandinavia’s most successful companies.

IMPROVE YOUR WORKFLOWS & drive your efficiency

Connect & Collect

Easily connect machines, assets and process signals to start capturing data automatically. Or, simply connect to an existing data historian. Operators can also manually record production information, such as stoppage reasons, as well as add comments and explanations.


Visualize overall production efficiency, capacity utilization, throughput and quality levels in real-time. Set up and monitor KPIs, such as OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), OOE (overall operations effectiveness) or TEEP (total effective equipment performance). Visualize data in standard or customized dashboards and view remotely. Display targets, performance and deviations on large-screen monitors to motivate staff.


Deliver critical and timely information to the right people at the right time. Avoid downtime and production losses. Trigger actions via rules-based workflows relating to machine conditions, alarms, performance metrics or KPIs, such as overall equipment efficiency.


Provide your team with a single information ‘truth’, shared by all, so they can make accurate data-driven decisions. E-logbooks (electronic logbooks) and timely reporting enable efficient production changeovers and shift handovers. Set up permissions and user groups for recording and analyzing all of your production-related information.


Carry out fast and reliable data analysis using secure centralized data. Investigate multi-site factory information or drill down to individual production units, production lines or single machines. Track performance, analyze capacity, throughput and quality trends, predict maintenance needs, and make comparisons between equipment, production lines and shifts.


Generate production insights to increase capacity, reduce losses and increase the value of your production operations. Implement new continuous improvement programs, or strengthen your existing lean manufacturing initiatives such as kaizen, waste elimination (Muda, Mura, Muri), PDCA (plan-do-check-act), or TPM (total productive maintenance).


PlantPerformance is a flexible and scalable solution that supports both large and small enterprises. It is ideally suited to companies in process and manufacturing industries with asset intensive operations.

  • Production benefits – increase capacity, availability and productivity while reducing waste

  • People benefits – engage, motivate and empower your entire production team

  • Improvement benefits – identify, prioritize and implement best practices
  • Business benefits – increase flexibility, generate fast ROI and strengthen your competitiveness

DRIVING SUCCESS across Scandinavia and beyond

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With PlantPerformance your entire team benefits from manufacturing intelligence and actionable insights so everyone can contribute to achieving production goals.

Production Manager

Production Engineer


Group Leader / Shift Leader

Maintenance staff

Production Planner

Lean Coordinator

Business Management

IT Manager


PlantPerformance gives you all the tools and functionality you need to increase your overall equipment efficiency and drive continuous improvement.


PlantPerformance gives you all the tools and functionality you need to increase your overall equipment efficiency and drive continuous improvement.

SUCCESS guarantee

Access to

Our broad industry experience and deep technical expertise ensure you make the right decisions and take advantage of all available synergies. In addition, our specialized capabilities in systems integration means PlantPerformance can be fully integrated with your existing machine park, operational processes and IT systems.

Fast Implementation

Consultants with extensive project experience, as well as in-depth knowledge of systems technology and quality assurance, ensure a fast and smooth implementation. Together with PlantPerformance’s inherent adaptability and simple IT architecture, this means your start-up period and time to ROI are very short.


We focus on your needs over the entire lifecycle of your solution to ensure it delivers long-term sustainable value. Simple administration allows you to choose the level of after sales support you need, while full scalability means you can be confident of meeting your future productivity and profitability goals.


with PlantPerformance

Get in touch today and find out how PlantPerformance can help improve your organization’s production efficiency.

What’s the difference between OEE, OOE and TEEP?2021-03-29T11:13:06+00:00

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a key performance indicator measuring production effectiveness during planned production time. OOE (Overall Operations Effectiveness) includes the time that machines are stopped due to repair or inspection. It measures production effectiveness across both scheduled and unscheduled time, i.e. total operations time. TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance) is a measure of effectiveness based on all available time during a particular period, which includes non-shift time, e.g. one week = 7 days x 24 hours.

We are not currently collecting production data, can we still use PlantPerformance?2021-03-29T11:13:32+00:00

Yes. The ability to collect machine signals is included in PlantPerformance’s digital platform.

Can we make use of our historical production data?2021-03-29T11:13:53+00:00

Yes, PlantPerformance is optimized for working with both real time and historical data. It can be fully integrated with third-party historian software, such as OSI PI or AspenTech IP.21, allowing you to analyze and benefit from all of your collected production data.

What IT-infrastructure do I need for an installation?2021-03-29T11:14:19+00:00

For a local installation, or a private cloud installation, you need a database server (e.g. SQL) and an application server (e.g. Windows). No IT-infrastructure is needed if you are using the PlantPerformance cloud service. Get in touch to find out more about our cloud solution.

What sort of production systems can be integrated with PlantPerformance?2021-03-29T11:14:54+00:00

PlantPerformance has been successfully integrated with a wide variety of production-related systems. For example, ERP-systems (SAP, Jeeves, Navision), maintenance systems (Merit), planning systems (Siemens Opcenter APS) and control systems (Siemens, ABB).

Which interfaces are used for integrating systems?2021-05-10T09:02:09+00:00

Primarily, we use OPC UA, OPC, ODBC and web services to receive and transfer data between systems.

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